Luxuriously clever. We make ONE dress only.
A multiwear essential taking you from chic day to elegant event.
And that's just the beginning...

As functional as she is beautiful.
Wear 8 unique ways, all year round.
Made in Sydney, ethically & sustainably.

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Style 1. The Cape

SHOP > Black-tie ready

Style 2. The Crossover

SHOP > Business ready

Style 3. The Kaftan

SHOP > Resort ready

Style 4. The Sheath

SHOP > Event ready

Style 5. The 0.5 Kaftan

SHOP > Bistro ready

Style 6. The Cinch

SHOP > Cocktail ready

Style 7. Soft Cinch

SHOP > Weekend ready

Style 8. Autumn/Winter

SHOP > Just add layers

Snow Leopard PetiteEvergreen MidiBlack MidiOceania GrandeCedarwood Grande


Inclusively Limited edition.

We make ONE dress only. Beautiful & brilliant created as a lifestyle solution as woman embrace living their best life daily - never defined by age, shape, size & life stage. Made with heart in small exclusive runs by old-fashioned dressmakers in Sydney, Australia x

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One dress makes life simpler, consciously.

Multiwear design evolves with your shape. Style dress 7 unique ways.

Transitions from chic daywear to elegant event, for every occasion.

Dress in one-step! Machine wash; dries fast; packs small + non iron.

Quality dressmaking, made to last. Supreme, luxurious textile.

Sustainably & ethically made by our Sydney dressmaking atelier.

A one woman-owned & operated small business. Designed & Made in Sydney

Feedback from our wearers...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making this dress- I love it!! It’s been so perfect for hot days this summer. I feel breezy, pretty, AND comfortable without feeling I’m naked. Thank you so much for taking care my delivery so quickly!


Thank you for the wonderful, caring customer service, it's a pleasure to shop with you. I think your business is wonderful. And just so you know, I admired your dresses for a long time, but once I saw them on Lilli @frocksandfroufrou I knew I could wear them well.


Can’t say enough about the dress. It makes me feel wonderful ever time I wear it. And I keep finding new ways to style & wear it. Keep up the great work!


My parcel has arrived and it is AMAZING!!!!

Thank you for your amazing customer service; for going out of your way to make this purchase possible, for following up, and for doing exactly what you said you were going to do.  True customer centric service is so rare, and you really nailed every aspect. Love the dress too.


I absolutely love love love this dress, super flattering and sooooo comfortable to wear! It’s my favourite go-to dress!


Wore my original black dress over bathers to the beach in Nice. And then to dinner in a chateau in Beaujolais! Perfection!



A note from the Maker…


Prepare for Takeoff!