Textile, Colour & Dress Care

Textile: Every ebX dress is made from locally sourced recycled or upcycled textile. Our textiles luxurious airy drape supports you 3 ways:

1. Soft drape that contours with your silhouette now & as your shape evolves. 
2. Elevates every occasion switching from chic daywear to sophisticated event.  
3. Dress drape adapts 8-9 ways with a sash twist (no wardrobe change needed).

What is Vegan Silk? Silk in every sense but woven with the finest denier thread created with sugar based proteins (not animal proteins). Textile is kind to skin, allergies & sensitivities and closes the loop in our delivering you a premium, high quality designer dress that is machine washable extending you highest convenience {Dresses are fast drying, non-iron, weighs under 500g & pack small}. Yes, they're perfect for travel.

Colour: We work hard to represent dress colour accurately. Our silky textile reflects light & throws several shades of base dress colour, so dress will lighten (& brighten) by day & deepen by night. And please consider every monitor & mobile displays colours differently.

Care: Our dresses feel fragile but they’re resilient and require minimal care

- Non-Iron. For a pressed look use a steamer or cool iron.
- Machine wash by placing dress in a wash-bag on a short, cold cycle with gentle detergent and air-dry flat or on a clothes hanger to achieve best non-iron results.

    If you experience static, add fabric softener to rinse cycle or spray dress with an anti-static spray like Statique.