Textile & Care

Textile: Every ebX dress is made from locally sourced recycled or upcycled textile. Our textiles airy drape is integral to dress supporting you 3 ways:

1. With soft drape dress enhances your silhouette now & as your shape evolves. 
2. Elevating every occasion switching from chic daywear to sophisticated evening.
3. Dress adapts 7 ways with a simple sash twist (no wardrobe change needed).

We work with one textile only for good reason. Luxuriously soft, our Japanese Technical Silk is 'vegan' & made with proteins spun into the finest denier thread to create a dress of supreme quality, that looks & feels incredible against your skin. 

    Care: Our dresses feel fragile but they’re resilient and require minimal care

    • Non-Iron (cool iron or steam is ok)
    • Machine wash by placing dress in a quality wash-bag on a short, cold cycle with gentle detergent and air-dry

    If you experience static, add fabric softener to rinse cycle or spray dress with an anti-static spray eg: Statique.