"We made One Dress. Yes! It will make you look even AMAZINGER" ebX

About us + Our ethos

Why The One Dress Project? I got crazy busy with life & then.. I had twins. My priorities shifted & quick wardrobe wins ultimately meant more 'me time'. Dresses are my one-stop saviour so I took to researching them - the Shirt Dress' collar, the Sundress' cinch, the Kaftan ease. My objective? To create ONE versatile Dress that every woman could drop on & dash. Her hero for all things life - work, weekend, travel, holidays, celebrations. To enhance her life, shape & style.

My research was steadfast. I experimented, road tested, tweaked, prototyped, tweaked again. Textiles were sourced worldwide, to be found locally. Finally, proudly I landed on the sum of all these parts The One Dress Project Run 0.01.

Who is Ever by X? Founded & researched by me in 2019, I quietly released my first run in December. I’m a Marketing Project Manager, producing for David Jones, Sydney Opera House & the ABC. So yes, i’m no designer but i'm great at procuring incredible talent and happened to catch one of Sydney’s most incredible Women's Designers in between projects. An incredibly intuitive woman passionate at designing for women for both her own & other iconic High Fashion brands. Throughout development we’d refer to The One Dress Project - and so it began.

Ever by X embraces slow fashion. We're a small run, direct-to-consumer, high quality fashion brand. We create simple, luxe, versatile staples as solutions for all Women. We aim to set a new standard for highly functioning high fashion using upcycled technical fabrics. We're designed, made & based in Sydney, Australia.  

Embracing slow fashion Our garments are designed for the long game. They're made with love & finished by hand. They're limited edition & available on a first come basis. Our Production House is within streets from our Studio which enables us to respond quickly in line with your needs & importantly, we'll never over produce.

Keeping it local In my wildest dreams I never imagined we'd be produced in Australia, let alone streets from our Studio. We were about to start samples in Shanghai on hearing of a teeny boutique Production House. We met & everything changed overnight. They loved our concept + to see their craftsmanship continues to amaze - we love our team. It means our supply chain is 100% based in Surry Hills/Redfern (Sydney’s historic garment district) & our carbon footprint is smallest scale.

Ethical Australian Makers We searched for a Production Team as committed to quality & excellence as they are ethics, sustainability & kindness. We celebrate our Makers for embracing these values.

Upcycled Textiles We produce 'small batch' making textiles tricky - we can't meet Minimum Order Quantities. Rather, we see this as our opportunity & support iconic local Designers using their end of collection textiles, saving them from landfill. It means our garments are rare treasures created with precious, extremely limited textiles.  

Interrogated Textiles We still research the best textile for our wearer & said NO to Dry-clean only & ironing. We insisted on resilience; that it feel incredible + be easy-care. We wanted Dress always be on standby - in wardrobe; carry-on or desk drawer. Ultimately we turned to Japan who create a wonder textile for the worlds leading luxury brands. Technical Polyester is technologically advanced & made with the finest denier thread. It has incredible drape, rich colour & looks/feels like silk. It breathes & has moisture wick, is machine washable & intended to never be ironed. It ticks so many boxes. We realise in a sustainable world, there’s no natural non-iron, low-maintenance woven but innovations are coming. Our garment & textile will evolve in line with innovation & your feedback.

Sustainable now & ongoing As a 2019 start-up we've established a sustainable focus from the get-go. We challenge every decision, landing on what we see as best. We’ll continue to embrace methods & practice kindest to the planet & its people.