Our Ethos

& Why The One Dress Project? I was crazy busy juggling work & life when <gasp>... I had twin girls. My priorities shifted & quick wardrobe wins mean more 'me' time. Dresses are my saviour so I researched them - the Shirt Dress' collar, the Sundress' cinch, the Kaftan ease. My objective? To create ONE versatile Dress that allows us to drop on & dash. Our hero for all things life - work, weekend, travel, holidays, celebrations. And adapt as our lives, shape & style change eg: working thru pregnancy > new baby & nursing > busy working mum > working mum on-the-run. The One Dress Project is designed to evolve with us for a lifetime. My hope? By simplifying your wardrobe with one dress, you'll gain more 'me' time for the long game while looking & feeling incredible.

Who is Ever by X? I’m a one woman start-up passionate at developing beautiful solutions with a higher purpose that are of supreme quality. I've drawn on my brand & communications exposure in producing for David Jones, Sydney Opera House & the ABC for over a decade. So while i'm no designer i'm a passionate researcher & even better at procuring 'best in show' talent so I engaged one of Sydney’s most recognised women's designers. She loved my project & agreed to 'confidentially' design dress, drawing on her 'womanly intuition' & lifestyle needs as a busy women juggling family life & a successful career. Affectionately we'd refer to our collab as The One Dress Project - and so it began. Ever by X is a 100% Australian family owned & operated small business.

Embracing slow fashion Dress is created for the long game (not a season). Its aesthetic is clean, simple & classic. It's seasonless, long-lasting & supreme quality - made with heart & finished by hand. Each Dress is limited edition & available on a first come basis. We're small & agile and we'll adapt & respond as you need. Just ask us.

Keeping it Local Dresses are ‘Made in Sydney, Australia’ within streets of our studio. Our boutique production house makes for a stable of Australia's greatest high fashion brands. They allow me to be hands-on throughout Dress production. Our supply chain is 100% within Redfern/Surry Hills (Sydney's historic garment district) and our carbon footprint is a big fat zero. 

Ethical Australian Makers We searched for a Production Team as committed to quality & excellence as they are ethics, sustainability & kindness. We celebrate our team for every step they take to embrace these values.

Up-cycled Textiles We support respected local Designers by using their end of collection textiles, saving remarkable fabrics from landfill which in turn makes our garments rare precious birds, to be treasured.

Interrogated Textiles We still research the best textiles worldwide & insist on highest quality, easy care resilience that looks & feels luxuriously incredible. We want your Dress ever-ready in wardrobes, gym bags, beach bags, desk drawers, carryon & glove boxes.

Sustainable now & ongoing As a 2019 start-up we've established a sustainable focus from the get-go. We challenge every decision, landing on what we see as best. We’ll continue to embrace methods kindest to the planet & its people.