Style Masterclass

Welcome to ONE dress Masterclass, where you & your dress beautifully collide! Bookmark & keep this top secret 'Style Toolbox' close, enhancing your discovery & re/discovery of ONE dress. Tap in at your leisure & whenever you need instant style solutions! {you're welcome!} x Kerryl ebX

> Bistro ready

The 0.5 Kaftan

> Event Ready

The Sheath

> Black Tie ready

The Cape

> Business ready

The Crossover

> Cocktail ready

The Cinch

> Weekend Ready

The Soft Cinch & Sleeve Roll

> Sash Masterclass

Bows, knots, slipknots...

> Belt Masterclass

Structured or skinny...


The Pussycat-Bow

> NeckTie Masterclass #2

The Womenswear Tie

Dress Care:

ONE Dress is developed for incredible women on-the-go & as such your dress is designed to be easy care, machine washable, fast drying & non-iron!

Pop your dress in a quality lingerie bag & wash on a cold, short cycle with gentle liquid. Air dry & hang flat (if possible). Cool iron or steamer is optional. If you experience static add fabric softener to rinse cycle or spray dress with anti static spray eg: Statique. We recommend washing dress infrequently & refreshing with fresh air when possible. Please enjoy x