The One Dress Project
Style Council

Welcome to Style Council as our project officially becomes yours. We suggest bookmarking this exclusive VIP hub for speedy reference. Your beautiful hand-finished dress arrives ready to drop on. You'll see sash is pre-threaded through button hole like 'gaps' & runs through centre of dress - this is key! Wether internal sash section runs across your back or front will determines your styles. Dress is developed to enhance, adapt & meet your needs for a lifetime - we hope you love her as much as we do! x Kerryl ebX 

> Lounge ready

The 'Half' Kaftan

> Cocktail Ready

The Sheath

> Black Tie ready

The Cape

> Bistro ready

The Crossover

> Dressy to casual ready

The Cinch & Soft Cinch

> Brunch Ready

Sleeve Roll & Drop Waist


Sash > Tie in knot or loose bow at front, side or back. Wraparound 1x, 2x or crossover. Position firmly on waist or loosely lower on hips. Knot firmly to keep upper dress taunt & firmly in position or softly knot & blouse dress over sash.

Gaps > You've two sets of button-hole like 'gaps', under bust & above pockets in sides. You'll achieve variations of each style dependant on gaps you thread sash through.

Pockets > By popping hands in pockets you anchor dress & can adjust fabric above & below sash + shift dress fullness from sides to front or back to suit.

Buttons > Are intentionally concealed on the inside, keeping dress front clean & classic.

Button Loops > Are French & a feature. We leave two loops unbuttoned.

Sleeves > Wear just as they are or roll them up.

Dress Care > Pop in a wash bag on a cold short cycle with gentle liquid. Air dry. Dress is non-iron but cool iron is ok. Add fabric softener if you experience static.

Technical ‘Vegan’ Textile > Developed by the finest Mill in Japan leading the way in creating a PETA approved ‘vegan’ alternative to silk, as brands worldwide withdraw from using silk (& cashmere). The result is luxe for am:pm; uniquely resilient & suited to everyday wear, offering you the ultimate in wash & wear, non-iron convenience. Every dress is made from upcycled or recycled textile.